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semi trailer (tj9480tp)

drop side cargo semi-trailer with tri-axle

the trailer is designed for stevedoring and transporting 1x40', 1x 20' or 2x20' iso cargo containers and loose cargos.
length: approx 12, 480mm
width: approx 2, 566m
height: approx 3, 003@ unload
king pin location: approx 1, 000mm from the front face of the front bolster
landing gear position: approx 2, 520 from the king pin.
axle spacer: approx 6, 550mm 1, 310mm 1, 310mm
king pin height: approx 1, 263mm with the chassis level
(the above dimension will be adjusted according to the tractor specification. )
weight: .
tare weight (tolerance 0~-4%): approx 8, 600 kg
max. payload: approx 50, 000 kg
gross vehicle weight: approx 68, 800 kg
steel structure:
material: high strength low alloy steel q345 (350mpa) is used for welded i-beam and q235 (235mpa) is used for the fabricated parts.
main beams: 500mm deep x 146mm wide x 8mm web welded i-section main beam.
the height of the side wall is 1200mm.
oem parts configuration:
king pin: 3.5" welding king pin. brand: jost.
twist locks: twelve(12) units retractable iso type twist locks.
landing gear: 2 speed road side winding with sand shoe, lifting capacity 24t. type:
jost d200t, left operating. made in china.
suspension: heavy duty undermount tri-axle suspension with equalizers 8-leaf spring.
axles: 150x150 square axle with 13 tons capacity. brake: s420x180, wheel fitting
10xm22x1.5/ pcd335/281. type: fuwa. made in china.
rims: 8.25-22.5, 10 holes iso, 12 pieces
tires: 11.00r22.5, 12 pieces
brake system: dual air brake system, wabco relay emergency valve, none abs system.
brake chamber: type 30/30 on the rear two axles, type 30 on the front axle.
electrical system: 24 volt lighting system with modular wiring harness, 7 way iso receptacle infront of the front bolster, norms no. 1185. chinese standard. no e-mark and sae certificate.
front clearance/marker light: one each side, white
side clearance/marker light: two each side, amber
side turn signal light: two each side, amber
tail/stop light: two each side, amber
rear turn signal light: two each side, amber
reversing light: one, white
license light: one, white
fog light: one, red
spare tire carrier: equipped one set per chassis without spare tire.
side guard: standard
tool box: equipped one set
painting: colored by customer's request
marking: qingdao cimc standard

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