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a brief introduction to the international trade research and consultation center
a brief introduction to the international trade research and consultation center

with the development and opening up of tianjin binhai new area being brought into line with our country’s general development strategy, tianjin will have opportunities of developing more rapidly. in order to create a good beginning to the 11th five-year plan, make more contributions to the foreign trade of tianjin and in particular solve problems coming across in foreign trade for companies that have just gained the right of doing foreign trade, professor chen guowu, the famous chinese expert in foreign trade practice who are entitled to government special allowance and the honorary doctoral supervisor of tianjin university of finance and economics led some graduate students who have experience in foreign trade and solid foreign trade theoretical basis to establish the international trade research and consultation center with tianjin machinery and electric imp. and exp. co., ltd as the platform so as to offer paid consultation service in foreign trade to relevant companies.
this completely new form of organization and new idea of forming a foreign trade consultation team was put forward by professor chen guowu, gaining the recognition and support of tmee with its proposal. moreover, the company provides the practice of this new concept with an operation platform and put the center into the organization structure of the company.
tmee is a stock enterprise with tianjin international machinery group as the holding company. relying on tianjin’s machinery and electric industry, it has a great capacity of producing machinery and electric products with an annual import and export of more than $200 million usd. the company has become a key enterprise for machinery plants, electric plants, international project contracting and foreign trade in tianjin. it is the leading company in waste water disposal technology and equipment. tmee has won the titles of “top 50 export enterprises in tianjin” and “meritorious enterprises” several times. it was also selected as an enterprise with an aaa credit rating by many different banks.
meanwhile, this new concept was affirmed and approved by relevant leaders of the state commission of commerce, saying that this is a new attempt of mutual supplement and close combination of university and enterprise resources and an effective form of promoting foreign trade theory and practice.
service objects
the center mainly serves units with foreign trade operation right, taking account of the foreign trade units of other provinces, cities (autonomous regions) in tianjin. it also offers consultation service to foreign companies and foreign trade units of other provinces and cities (autonomous regions).
service description
assisting the customer with comprehensive credit assessment of its clients;
assisting the customer to make preparations for business negotiations, directly participate in negotiations and offer chinese-english interpretation;
assisting the customer to draft the import and export contract, examine the contract terms and avoid risks;
assisting the customer to work out or check the letter of credit, write out or check all kinds of documents for settlement;
assisting the customer to analyze and compare the rationality of foreign expenses (such as carriage, insurance and commission, etc.) and work out the best plan of payment;
providing the customer with international practice, laws and regulations as well as ways to solve the foreign trade disputes;
offering consultation service in joint venture, cooperation, financing, contract of technology transfer, use of the trademark and patent right, processing trade and other aspects to the customer;
other consultation service related to foreign economy and trade.
members of the consultation center
team leader: professor chen guowu
professor chen guowu graduated from the department of international trade of nankai university as a foreign trade major in 1953. after graduation, he has a lot of experience working in the field of foreign trade. mr. chen is entitled to government special allowance awarded by the state council. he is a member of the consultative committee of people’s government of tianjin municipality, an advisor of the national expert committee on foreign trade salesperson training, certification and examination as well as advisor and expert of the national editorial committee on guidance book of international business documents training, certification and examination.
members of the team: all graduates, have practical experience and solid theoretical foundations in foreign trade, have good command of english. 
if you have any problem in foreign trade business, please feel free to contact us any time. we will offer you considerate and professional service.
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