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environmental protection projects

with the rapid step towards modernization in china, resource over-exploitation and deterioration of environmental pollution have become the key issues in the whole society.tianjin machinery & electric equipment imp. & exp. co., ltd. ( tmee ) and affiliation companies have been engaged in the field of environmental protection project construction and technical progress in many years. the forever goal of tmee is harmonious co-existence with nature and sustainable......

projects instance

the general manager mr.wang jinli signed the contract on behalf of the joint venture on the contract signing ceremony of changchun no.3 water treatment plant that is loaned by the world bank.changchun no.3 water treatment plant,with daily capacity of 220 thousand tons, is the first turnkey project among the water treatment projects loaned by the world bank in china, the......


1.tianjin xinkaihe waterworks second phase of extension......
2.nanjing water supply project
3.changzhou waterworks extension projectanshan yintang project
4.tianjin xinkaihe waterworks second phase of extension project

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