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core value proposition: “good faith, high performance & endless innovation”
implication of corporate emblem:
the whole corporate emblem consists of three parts: the symbol of the earth and a gear, and “tmee”, the abbreviation of tianjin machinery & electric equipment imp. & exp. co., ltd.
the corporate emblem is in a round shape and its main part is composed of two symbols of the earth and a gear. the symbol of the earth represents that we are a foreign-oriented import and export trading enterprise, indicating our global business scope. the meridians and parallels of the earth represents our compliance with the rules and requirements, meaning that we will strictly comply with the international trade rules and provide quality products and services for the international market. the symbol of the gear indicates the nature of the industry that we are in with our typical product. moreover, the five teeth of the gear also represent the five continents. “tmee” is the english abbreviation of the name of our company. the whole emblem is like a rising sun, indicating the thriving business of our company, just like a rising sun.

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