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company profile

tianjin machinery & electric equipment imp & exp. co., ltd. (short for tmee) is a joint-stock company,which is held by tianjin benefo machinery equipment group co., ltd. under the new operation and management system, tmee positively utilizes its core competitive advantages and becomes the key enterprise in the field of tianjin m&e equipments installation, import and export, and international project contract. the company's annual import and export volume exceeds 200 million us dollars. it has been awarded the title of tianjin top 50 export and “gongchen enterprise” for many times, and has been rated as aaa credit enterprise by many banks.

company vision

core value proposition: “good faith, high performance & endless innovation” implication of corporate emblem:the whole corporate emblem consists of three parts: the symbol of the earth and a gear, and “tmee”, the abbreviation of tianjin machinery & electric equipment imp. & exp. co., ltd.

professional advantages

20 years of experience in traditional import and export trade
from a small screw-like mechanical accessory to the export of a drilling platform on the edge of the mainland, to the export of the world's first 100% efb plant fuel power station, we have rich industry operating experience, mature operation methods,.

jincheng etong

"jincheng etong" is a professional comprehensive foreign trade service platform of "internet foreign trade" created by tianjin electromechanical import and export co., ltd. the platform uses the advantages of foreign trade talents accumulated by mechanical and electrical personnel in the past 20 years, as well as the advantages of fast and convenient customs clearance, tax refund, inspection and quarantine, as well as the advantages of cooperation with china credit insurance corporation's major customers, supplemented by network information technology, and professional foreign trade service teams online and offline interactive, providing logistics, customs clearance, credit insurance, foreign exchange collection, tax refund and other full-process foreign trade supply chain professional services for the majority of small, medium and micro enterprises. the service is informatized, standardized and transparent, and at the same time, the policy advantages, capital advantages and scale advantages enjoyed by state-owned enterprises will benefit more small, medium and micro enterprises.

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