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diamond tools

diamond tools

diamond saw blades

diamond saw blades diameter: 105mm -1200mm
type: brazed saw blades
           sintered diamond saw blades
           laser welding diamond saw blades
           vacuum brazed cutting saw disc
diamond saw blades characteristics:
easy and smooth cutting.
long lifespan and stable performance.
good cutting result and high efficiency.
applicable for cutting granite, marble, sandstone, ceramic, concrete, asphalt, refractory brick, etc. for professional use and diy.

diamond core drill bits

our diamond drill bits deliver optimum coring of building pipe systems, and hard building materials such as asphalt, concrete, refractory, marble and granite

damond brazed profile wheel

diamond profile wheels are so important for making profile (bullnose) on your tile , ceramic, or porcelain and stone edges and any other material with fast removal rate and long life time.

diamond wire saws

our diamond wires saws are with diamond beas of size 8.5mm and 11.0mm .

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